We are a group of doctors, nurses and people trained and skilled in health, working together in your area to provide a better health service for you and your family.

Loretta Hansen
Chief Executive Officer
Dr Daniel Calder
Clinical Director
Stan Yan
Chief Financial Officer
Emma Walters
PA to CEO / Human Resources
David Harrison
Nursing Director
Lee Spies
Service Delivery Manager
Cathy Martin
Practice Operations & Quality Manager
Jacqui McMahon
Primary Care Nurse Liaison
Anne Williamson
Coordinator of Services for Older People
Kwee Goh
Clinical Advisory Pharmacist
Tinna Ko
Clinical Advisory Pharmacist
Rudy Bakker
Mental Health & Addictions Coordinator
Parvin Kapila
Health Promotion Coordinator
Jody Janssen
Senior Business Analyst
Kathy Gross
Eastern Locality Physiotherapist
Diana Nicholson
Integrated Care Coordinator
Jerry Chen
Senior Data Analyst
Elfreda Gers
Eastern Locality Physiotherapist
Jordyn Kipa
Marketing & Communications Advisor
Shirley Bernhard
Primary Care Administrator
Jo Smal

Primary Options for Acute Care Staff

POAC is a triage and coordination service that runs from the East Health Trust premises. 

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Deanna Williams
POAC Regional Service Manager

Sarah Hyder
POAC Clinical and Quality Manager

Helen Liley

POAC Regional Clinical Director

Angela Smith
POAC Service Coordinator

Lorraine Robinson
POAC Service Coordinator

Dianne Williams
POAC Service Coordinator

Angela Dunn
POAC Service Coordinator

Kiran Lal

POAC Service Coordinator

Aimee Williams

Claims Administrator