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Mental Health, Wellbeing and addictions PROGRAMME

The Mental Health, Wellbeing and Addictions Project was initiated in February 2006.

The fulltime co-ordinator is employed by East Health Trust PHO with specific goals to work with the community and primary health clinics to:
  • Build capacity and capability of primary care to improve access to mental health and addiction needs in East Auckland.
  • Work actively with the community and primary health clinics to de-stigmatise mental illness and actively promote mental wellbeing.
  • Actively liaise with secondary mental health providers to promote co-ordinated care delivery and to identify and reduce barriers to access of quality mental health care.

At East Health Trust PHO we believe that Mental Health is not simply the absence of mental disorder but it is the mental and social wellbeing of the individual

For further details of this programme and whether you or your family might benefit from this, please talk to your GP or Practice Nurse.

Organisation contacts

Ph 0800 611 116

Ph 0800 543 354

Ph 0800 376 633

Ph 0800 778 778

Alcohol/Drug Helpline 
Ph 0800 787 797

Depression Helpline
Ph 0800 111 757

Mental Healthline (after hours)
Ph 09 538 0700

Bo Ai She (Chinese Mental Health Peer Support)
Ph 09 929 3881

Chinese Lifeline
Ph 0800 888 880

Yan Oi Sei/SF Auckland
Ph 09 378 9134

Gambling Problem Helpline
Ph 0800 654 655