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Planned Proactive Care (PPC)

Your Doctor or Nurse may have spoken with you about a flexible programme for people with long term conditions.  This programme aims to improve health for people diagnosed with a chronic medical condition such as:

In the new programme a Doctor or Nurse will work with you to help manage your health.  Part of the programme involves setting health goals.  These health goals may be around lifestyle, medications or activity, for example.  Your health goals may include 'I want to walk for 15 minutes 3x week' or 'I want to better understand how my medicines work'.  Your Doctor and/or Nurse will help you to set goals that are realistic, measurable and achievable.

Your active participation in managing your health is a key aspect of the new programme.  This is self-management.  As part of the new programme you Doctor or Nurse may also speak with you about self-management courses.  East Health Trust PHO provides self management education workshops for people with a range of conditions, and their families.  These are informative, practical sessions to help people manage their own health more effectively.  Look under 'Self Management Education' to see what courses are available.  You may want to dicuss attending thses courses with your Doctor or Nurse.

An electronic Care Plan is part of the new programme.  You can read more about the Care Plan at www.sharedcareplan.co.nz.  A privacy impact assessment can be found under 'News & Resources' tab.  Your health goal(s) will be recorded in your Care Plan.

Patients are charged less for Doctor and Nurse visits funded under the new programme.

Want to learn more?  A trusted health information and self-help resource for all New Zealanders is the Health Navigator website www.healthnavigator.org.nz.  This website provides reliable information about a wide range of long term conditions together with self-management and care planning approaches and tools.